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Know More About The Pop Music History


Would you be interested to know more about the history of pop music world? You must know if you love pop music as this kind of music was a revolutionary and a lot of people appreciate it to play all the times. No matter whether it is a wedding, or you are celebrating any occasion or if you want to pep up your mood, pop music is the favorite of all.

One must look for the POP music history as it is quite interesting to know the man behind the same. As pop music is loved by all over the world, hence it is highly important to look for the history and especially about the person has started the same. Here, we are talking about Frederick James Bob Wooler who was a well known compere and DJ at the Cavern club, Liverpool from 1961 to the 1967. He was the most popular public figure in Merseybeat scene and he has offered instrumental music in introducing The Beatles to their manager – Mr. Brian Epstein. It must be noted that Bob Wooler is so popular for his vast and deep knowledge of the local music scene, started off his foray into popular music. He has also become an erstwhile manager of a skiffle group- The Kingstrums. Later, he took the group to the next level by taken it the way to a talent contest, where they were bested by eventual winners- The Mars Bars.

Later, Bob has started working as a DJ, as well as worked as a local promoter who often brought gigs at the numerous dancehalls all around the city. Few months earlier, people celebrated Bob Wooler day, as that was the day when he was marked 20 years since the death of him. A lot of people have celebrated his life by dedicating to all things of Bob. They have styled like him, played the music, and also attended a BIG THREE gig at The Cavern Club. On that day, the drummer Johnny Hutch invited Bob on stage to make an announcement. You should also check out the post- Cavern or 18 steps down and this will surely be entertaining as well as give you all the information you need. It must be noted that only very few people know about this so famous man and if you would like to know it, try out the suggested source. The website was referred here will provide all the information of the Bob who was known as under his scenic name.

Additionally, he is known as DJ from Lipool or Lipoo Or Lipoold and when we talk about his in one world, he is known as Liverpoodlian DJ from Cavern Club on Matthew Street. Apart from this he is called to be father of the British pop music and Genius- inspirer of musical teenagers early 1960th. In order to know more about him, you better check out all the latest posts available over the net and you must do it if you completely love pop music.

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